2012 : Building a youthfull life together

In Building a youthfull life together was het hoofddoel van het project bouwen aan het eerste jeugdhuis op het Roemeense
platteland. De vrouwenvereniging van Viscri heeft een lokaal dat in het verleden gebruikt werd als spinnerij.
De machines zijn verwijderd uit het gebouw en het kan nu ingericht worden als lokaal voor de jongeren uit het dorp.
De projectaanvraag bij het Youth in Action programma van de EU zegt : During last years project the youngsters talked to us about how they use to have a room for themselves, somewhere they could meet, do things they like to do, ... . This was a long time ago, now they don't have anything for themselves. We talked about how we have youth houses in Belgium, we talked about the concept, what kind of activities people do in these youth houses, ... . After the project of last year was done we kept on talking about this 'room'/'house' many times. After a while we thought, "why see this kind of project only happening in a few years? We are young, if we can do this together we can do it now too." It is also important to mention that both parties will learn out of this experience. the Belgian group will learn more about the origin of youth houses in Belgium, what a youth house is and what it isn't, different interpretations of youth houses, ... . But they will also also learn what it takes to build a youth house and how it would be (maybe) done in Belgium. Through working together closely with the group in Viscri the Belgians will also learn to see a different perspective on youth houses because the chances are that the concept has a different content in Romania. Also during the visit in Viscri the youngsters from Belgium will learn how to build the youth house in other circumstances then they are use to, with other material, with different methods, ... . Youngsters from Viscri will also learn more about the subject youth house and about the 'how, where, ...' in Romania. They will also get information about youth houses in Belgium. In this way it is possible to look at the findings with a more critical eye. During the visit they will also experience how young people from Belgium use maerials and methods to build the youth house. This results in a use of mixed methods, and this makes it interesting for all. So this is how the idea of this project started.

Het resultaat van het project in foto's vind je hier.